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The Taming of the Shrew


Katharina: Eden Childs
Petruchio: Sky Stegall
Lucentio: Lindsay Cunningham
Bianca: Caroline Troein
Tranio: Sarah Pfanz
Hortensio: Maria Semaan
Gremio: Lauren Faber
Baptista: Leah Kane-Risman
Grumio: Deborah Farrington
Biondello: Amanda Darby
Christopher Sly: Katie Sovonick
Vincentio/Curtis: Leah Blankenship
Pedant/First Servant: Hannah Schofield
Hostess/Tailor: Allison Elkin
Widow/Haberdasher: Mary Kathryn Dean
Lord/Nathaniel: Bethany Giblin
Page: Sarah Delphey
Philip/Second Servant: Laura Kelly-Bowditch


Directors: Elisha Colter and Ada Link
Stage Manager: Rebecca Buck
Assistant Stage Manager: Eva DeAngelis
Build Crew: Erina Donnelly, Hillary Cleveland, Megan Gallagher, Kate Schilling
Light Operator: Eva DeAngelis
Sound Operator: Kate Schilling
Run Crew: Hillary Cleveland, Amy Veprauskas
Green Room: Erina Donnelly
Costumer: Molly Parzen
Ushers: Juliana Magnifico, Ariane Briski, Amanda Dougherty, Hannah Laue, Courtney Malpass, Andrea Milne
Publicity Design: Elisha Colter


3rd, 4th & 5th of November, 2006
Erdman Living Room