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Directing FAQ

Do I have to have experience directing?
Not at all! We do require that you’ve participated in two SPT shows so that we know that you have an understanding of how our shows are put together and what will be expected from you as a director. Other than that, all you need is to be enthusiastic, feel that you have a fresh take on a show, and are ready to put in the time and effort!

If you are a first time director, and a little unsure if you are up to the job alone, consider co-directing or assistant directing!

I want to direct! Now what?
SPT meetings occur more than just twice a year but there are two specific meetings where shows for the following year are decided. During one of these two meetings aspiring directors need to submit a proposal. Proposals are made a year prior to the proposed show dates. (For example, if you want to direct a show in the Spring of 2009, the proposal must be made at the Spring 2008 meeting.) Once all the proposals is submitted, the troupe as a whole votes on the shows that they want.

Also, take a look at the Director’s Bible. Not only does it give you insight to what past directors have done, but it will undoubtedly give you some tips and advice.

What is a Proposal?
The basic idea behind the proposal is to show the troupe that you’ve given some thought to your show. Below are some general proposal requirements. Remember: a lot of time in required to be a director. So if you plan on taking Intensive Japanese, Organic Chemistry, and that class at Swat during the semester you want to direct, you might want to rethink your plans.


– The show title and a brief summary.
– If the play isn’t by Shakespeare, who is the author? When was the play written? How does it fit the Troupe aesthetic?
– Cast size. How many parts do you have? How many actors are you planning to cast?
– Length of the show. Are you planning to cut the script? Have you done it yet? How long are you intending the show to run?
– Location. Where on campus would you like to perform? Is it going to be hard to reserve?
– What is your schedule looking like during the semester of the show?
– What do you plan to do with the show? What is your concept? Is there going to be intensive costuming? What is the budget looking like?
– Why do you want to direct?

You should probably have an answer to all of these questions. Also be ready to answer an other question asked by the troupe. The Proposal will be available for comment on the site, so keep your eyes peeled so as to be able to answer them as they appear.

What do I do if I’m JYA/semester off/not on campus?
It is a little bit more complicated, but completely doable. Just as if you were on campus, you must make a proposal to the troupe during one of the aforesaid meetings. While we are still working out the kinks of submitting a proposal during your JYA, here is what we have come up so far to make the smoothest proposal from afar possible:

The job of the proxy is to make your Proposal during the meeting. Perhaps the best person for the job is someone already connected to the show, such as your desired Stage Manager. Your proxy needs to be able to not only give your proposal, but also answer any questions that could arise.