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The Scottish Play, fall 2008

Directed by Ada Link
Assistant Director/Dramaturge: Hannah Schofield
Stage Manager: Hillary Cleveland
Assitant Stage Managers: Olivia Coplan and Sarah Glaser
Choreography: Kate Tomaskovic
Costumes: Rachel Townsend

Ana Milazzo as Macbeth
Becky Findlay as Lady Macbeth
Zoe Canin as Macduff
Jessica Doan as Banquo/Seyton
Steph Migliori as Duncan/Siward
Madi Houff as Malcolm/1st Murderer
Rachel Lubitz as Donalbain/2nd Murderer/Caithness
Judy Barr as Ross/Lennox
Elizabeth Meravi as Angus/Old Man
Nic Yulo as Lady Macduff/Hecate/Gentlewoman
Tiina Blum as Fleance/Son of Macduff
Chaya Coppersmith as Porter/Doctor
Nina Field as Mentieth/Lord/3rd Murderer
Isabel Holmes as Young Siward/Messenger
and Jennifer Cook, Allison Keefe, and Catherine Kreamer as the Weird Sisters

Performances: Thursday November 6, Friday November 7, and Saturday November 8, 2008, fall 2008 at 8:00 pm in the Erdman Living Room