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The Cenci, spring 2008


Count Cenci: Tamara Tomasic
Beatrice: Jennifer Cook
Lucretia: Jessamine Kelley
Orsino:Caitlin Cotter
Giacomo: Becky Findlay
Camillo: Ana Milazzo
Bernardo: Jessica Doan
Savella: Judy Barr
Andrea: Danielle DiCiero
Marzio: Alli Elkin
Colonna/Officer: Meredith Moore
Cardinal/Guard: Lise Chlebak
Judge: Samantha Pious
Olimpio/Guest/Guard: Elizabeth Meravi


Directors: Deborah Farrington and Ilana Vine
Stage Manager: Hillary Cleveland
Assistant Stage Manager: Erina Donnelly
House Manager: McCurdy Miller


17th, 18th, and 19th of April, 2008
Erdman Living Room