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Love’s Fire


by Marsha Norman
Inspired by Sonnet 140

Hydraulics Phat Like Mean
by Ntozake Shange
Inspired by Sonnet 128

Painting You
by William Finn
Inspired by Sonnet 102

The General of Hot Desire
by John Guare
Inspired by Sonnets 153 and 154, and by The Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine


: Becky Fullan
David: Lindsay Gold
Jackie: Crista Fuentes
Roland: Maddie von Baeyer
Roland’s New Lover: Elisha Colter
Roland’s Lover’s New Lover: Eden Childs
Roland’s New Lover’s Lover: Lilah Rahn-Lee

Hydraulics Phat Like Mean
Female Player
: Elizabeth Deacon
Male Player: Dana Bakalar

Painting You
: Crista Fuentes
Model: Chelsea Phillips (and Elizabeth Hanson)

The General of Hot Desire
: Nina Hagen
Michael: Meagan Hume
Cain: Becky Fullan
Sheba/Seth’s Child: Eden Childs
God: Lindsay Gold
Abel/King: Elizabeth Deacon
Adam/Solomon: Lilah Rahn-Lee
Eve: Elisha Colter
Seth’s Child: Maddie von Baeyer


Director: Amy Sullivan
Stage Crew: Eva DeAngelis, Sarah Martin, Courtney Moore

We would like to thank the following groups and people for their donations to and assistance in this production: The BMC Drama Dept., The UHS Music Dept., Martin Reber, Lindsay Gold, Helen Rehl, Geoff Wells, Mr. Deacon, Claudia Ginanni, Anna Blinn, Gwen Bihl, Katie Rutledge, BMC Public Safety


6th and 7th of November, 2003
English House Lecture Hall

8th of November, 2003
Erdman Living Room