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Love’s Labour’s Lost


Ferdinand, King of Navarre: Julia Niedzwiecki
Longaville: Katie Noice
Dumain: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Berowne: Crista Fuentes
Dull/Mercade: Laurel Elliot
Costard: Emelin Gasparrini
Don Adriano de Armado: Amy Sullivan
Moth: Steph Masiello
Jaquenetta/Forester: Elisha Colter
Boyet: D. Sarzinski
Princess of France: Alex Solomon
Maria: Caitlin Cotter
Katherine: Rachel Lavenda
Rosaline: Lindsay Cunningham
Holofernes: Karyn Ruark
Sir Nathaniel: Christiane Merrit


Director: Julie Church
Assistant Director: Sierra Jorgensen
Bench Wench: Helen Whalen-Cohen
Graphic Design: Cherry Rahn

Special Thanks to: Hiroshi Iwasaki for providing light stands, space in which to paint, and a lot of patience. Shannon Friday for giving us rides, bringing us food, risking her life to bring us light, and being generally helpful! Meredith Bihl, Chelsea Phillips, Lilah Rahn-Lee, Brooklyn Poggioli, and everyone else who brought us entertainment, food, dramatic readings of romance novels, and happiness.

Thanks also to the audio-visual department for loaning us necessary equipment!