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Much Ado About Nothing


Benedick: Elizabeth Hanson
Beatrice: Rebekah Baglini
Claudio: Lindsay Gold
Hero: Eden Childs
Don Pedro: Crista Fuentes
Don John: Jeannie Ryan
Borachio: Becky Fullan
Conrad: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Dogberry: Chelsea Phillips
Verges: Julie Church
Leonato: Sky Stegall
Antonio: Maddie von Baeyer
Margaret: Emelin Gasparrini
Ursula: Holly Gaiman
Friar Frances: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Balthasar: Gabriella Lee
Sexton: Julia Niedzwiecki


Director: Lilah Rahn-Lee
Assistant Director: Katie Rutledge
Stage Crew/Tech: Shannon Friday and Meg Reber
Title Design: Julia Niedzwiecki
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn
Publicity: Julia Niedzwiecki and Meg Reber

We would like to thank the following groups and people for their donations to and assistance in this production: Hiroshi Iwasaki & the BMC Drama Dept, the office of Conferences & Events, BMC Public Safety


14th, 15th, and 16th of April, 2004
Goodheart Music Room