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Measure for Measure


Duke Vincentio: Maddie von Baeyer
Angelo: Maria Semaan
Isabella: Alison Reingold
Escalus: Meg Reber
Lucio: Emelin Gasparrini
Provost: Rachel Lavenda
Claudio: Lindsay Gold
Julietta: Eden Childs
Mariana/Gentleman 2: Lindsay Cunningham
Pompey/Reporter: Brittany Pladek
Mistress Overdone/Barnadine: Elisha Colter
Elbow/Hooker 1 (Kate Keepdown): Adriana Link
Friar Thomas/Friar Peter/Hooker 2: Tamara Tomasic
Froth/Gentleman 1/Reporter: Karyn Ruark
Sister Francesca/Officer 1: Tara Vyas
Justice/Officer 2: Caroline Troein


Director: Shannon Friday
Stage Manager: Erina Donnelly
Costumes: Jessy Brody
Crew: Erina Donnelly and Kate Stein
Lights: Stephanie Migliori
Sound: Rebecca Buck
Program Design: Shannon Friday and Meg Reber
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn
Publicity: Shannon Friday and Julia Niedzwiecki

We would like to thank the following groups and people for their donations to and assistance in this production: Allan and Sheila Friday for the electric drills; the presidents, HAs, residents, and housekeeper of Erdman; Tom Reber for his invaluable help with constructing the set, and for taking photos; Martin Reber for filming the show; HITT/Hiroshi Iwasaki for the light stands and extra lights; Bryn Mawr Conferences & Events.


27th, 28th, and 29th of October, 2005
Erdman Living Room