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CWoWS Abriged


The Comedies
Love’s Labour’s Lost
The Comedy of Errors
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Merchant of Venice
The Taming of the Shrew
The Merry Wives of Windsor
Much Ado About Nothing
As You Like It
Twelfth Night
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
All’s Well That Ends Well
Measure for Measure
The Winter’s Tale*
The Tempest*

*Sometimes classified as Romances, these plays are here counted among the Comedies due to their uneven poetic values, unbelievable plot lines, shallow characterizations, and juvenile themes. They are among the Bard’s greatest works.

The Tragedies
Titus Andronicus
Romeo and Juliet
Julius Caesar
Troilus and Cressida
King Lear
Antony and Cleopatra
Timon of Athens

The Histories
King John
King Richard II
King Henry IV Parts 1 & 2
King Henry V
King Richard III
King Henry VI Parts 1, 2 & 3
King Henry VIII


Romeo and Juliet
Narrator: Meg Reber
Benvolio/Tybalt: Emily Lipkin
Samson/Juliet: Emelin Gasparrini
The Prince/The Nurse: Julie Church
Romeo/Friar Laurence: Shannon Friday

Titus Andronicus
Titus: Chelsea Phillips
Lavinia: Julia Niedzwiecki
The Rapist: Piyali Bhattacharya

Othello/Rapper #1: Jeannie Ryan
Rapper #1: Sky Stegall
Rapper #3: Rosemary Malfi

The Comedies
Narrator #1: Piyali Bhattacharya
Narrator #2: Karyn Ruark
Narrator #3: Emily Lipkin

Narrator/MacDuff: Karyn Ruark
Witch: Sky Stegall
MacBeth: Meredith Bihl

Julius Caesar
Citizen: Rosemary Malfi
Julius Caesar: Shannon Friday
Soothsayer: Julie Church

Antony and Cleopatra/Troilus and Cressida/Two Noble Kinsmen
Antony/Scholar (herself): Elizabeth Hanson
Cleopatra/Herself: Emelin Gasparrini
Herself: Julia Niedzwiecki

The Histories
Commentator #1/Richard II: Julia Niedawiecki
Commentator #2: Elizabeth Hanson
King John: Meredith Bihl
Henry VI: Karyn Ruark
Commentator #3: Julie Church
Referee: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
King Lear: Jeannie Ryan
Cordelia: Shannon Friday
Prince Hal/Henry VIII: Chelsea Phillips
Richard III/Commentator #4: Emily Lipkin

Horatio/Polonius: Julie Church
Bernardo/Ophelia: Meredith Bihl
Hamlet: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Ghost: Sky Stegall
King Claudius/Queen Gertrude: Chelsea Phillips
Laertes: Jeannie Ryan


Director: Meg Reber
Stage Crew: Eva DeAngelis, Sarah Martin, Courtney Moore

We would like to thank the following groups and people for their donations to and assistance in this production: The BMC Drama Dept., The UHS Music Dept., Martin Reber, Lindsay Gold, Helen Rehl, Geoff Wells, Mr. Deacon, Claudia Ginanni, Anna Blinn, Gwen Bihl, Katie Rutledge, BMC Public Safety