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The Importance of Being Ernest


Algernon Moncreiff: Lilah Rahn-Lee
Lane: Holly Gaiman
Jack Worthing: Sky Stegall
Gwendolyn Fairfax: Chelsea Phillips
Lady Bracknell: Claire Reyner
Miss Prism: Amy Case
Cecily Cardew: Ana Calvert-Kilbane
Dr. Chasuble: Amanda Dougherty
Merriman: Elizabeth Pounds


Directors: Shannon Friday and Katie Rutledge
Stage Crew/Lighting: Julie Church, Sierra Jorgensen, Caitlin Cotter, Rachel Lavenda and Russel Taylor
Title Design: Julia Niedzwiecki
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn
Publicity: Julia Niedzwiecki and Chelsea Phillips

We would especially like to thank: Hiroshi Iwasaki and the BMC Drama Dept., Karyn Roark, Russell Taylor, Helene Studdy, Conferences and Events, SFC, BMC Public Safety, and HITT. Your support and assistance were invaluable.


4th, 5th, and 6th of November, 2004
Goodheart Music Room